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Drinking water is an essential element for our daily life and an era of RO water purifiers assures the purity of drinking water free from chemicals such as chlorine, disease-causing bacteria and viruses and impurities. The RO or the "reverse osmosis" purifier cleanses the water from impurities that are not visible to us. The water may look clean but that does not mean that the water is really clean. They will not be suitable for drinking and it may cause various water-borne diseases to children and elders. In such cases, these purifiers assure the purity of water by passing it through filters that cleanse the water from chemicals and impurities. 

When there is trouble with water purifiers it halts our daily life and has to be repaired immediately to consume clean water. It is hard to find a well-trained technician to repair water purifiers at a reasonable price. Oyebusy technologies provide the customers with leading technicians who provide safe and quality service.

Oyebusy provides the best RO installation and repair service in Delhi. It also extends the service to Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad with technicians who are verified by the experts and meet the expectations of the customers. 

When we install a water purifier it is important to maintain it for its constant optimum performance. There are chances for the purifier to glitch and halt its performance. If not resolved there are chances for the contaminated water to get mixed with clean water. These can be resolved by various methods and our technicians provide the best service. 

Ways to repair your RO Water Purifier

  1. Regular Filter Change


The water purifier consists of two water filters: carbon and sediment filter. These filters play an important role in cleansing the water from impurities, harmful chemicals and particles that are harmful to us.  These filters cleanse the water and make it fit for drinking.  When these filters have a predominant function it is necessary to maintain them. The filters can get clogged by continuous use and it is very important to change them regularly. 

These filters are carefully removed by our technicians and they are replaced by new ones for better performance.

  1. Replacing RO membrane


The RO purifier has a semi-permeable membrane that sediments the impurities from the water. We provide this service to change the membrane every two to three months. 

  1. Drips and Leakage


This is one of the common problems in a water purifier that leads to various other problems and it is very hard to find the cause of leakage by ourselves. Our trained technicians find the cause and repair it immediately.

  1. Sanitizing the RO tank


The rank stores the clean water and if it is not sanitized regularly, it leads to an odour and bad taste to water. 

Why Choose Oyebusy:

  • We provide well-trained professionals who undergo rigorous training before presenting them to the customers. 

  • The services are cost-friendly. 

  • Online payment is also available.

  • We provide a 30-day warranty for our service.