Reviews for Washing Machine Service


There was a constant water leakage from the outlet pipe in my washing machine. I tried to mend it manually but later the same issue would continue. I contacted OyeBusy for their help. I told them about the issue. They made arrangements for the service. The technician was well trained and fitted a new outlet for the machine. Now I find no leakage and I'm so happy that the issue is resolved immediately. Thank you OyeBusy for your timely help. 

The usage of hard water caused lime-scaling in my washing machine. I had no idea how to get rid of them. They did not look good and resulted in the poor quality of washing. When I searched about the different ways to clean them, I found the process of descaling. Luckily, I chose OyeBusy which provides the best washing machine cleaning service along with descaling. The cleaners were experts and cleaned the lime completely. Thanks OyeBusy for the amazing service. 

I used washing powder for washing clothes and somehow they got clogged in the outlet pipe. The water did not drain from the drum. A friend recommended OyeBusy which provided the best washing machine repair service in Delhi. I made an appointment through the OyeBusy application. The service was really good. The washing machine was carefully cleaned and the clogs were removed without damaging the outlet pipe. Thank you very much OyeBusy for the best service I have ever experienced. 

OyeBusy is the best online service app. The user interface is easy to use and the procedure of booking is simple. They provide a number of services for each appliance in our house. I booked for washing machine service and honestly, it was the best experience. The cleaning process was up to the mark and the technicians were polite and they cleaned the machine in a short notice. Thank you OyeBusy for this service and keep up the good work.

A very good service by OyeBusy. Luckily they are available in all the major cities. They provide the best washing machine installation service for low cost. The machine was neatly installed as it was directed to them. The drain hose, electrical plug to the wall outlet and the balancing washer was done professionally. Overall the service was fabulous and I loved it. I strongly recommend OyeBusy for those who are looking for the best washing machine installation service in town. 


Due to the constant dampness inside the washing machine, there was bacterial growth inside the washing drum. I couldn't use the washing machine for a while. Then I made an appointment for the washing machine cleaning service in OyeBusy. The service was appreciative. They cleaned the corners that were hard for me to reach. The machine looked new and fresh. They advised me to dry the washing drum after every use. Thank you OyeBusy for providing the beat cleaning service.

Guys, if you are looking for the best washing machine repair service online, please go for OyeBusy. They provide all the necessary services for all the appliances in our house. The technicians are super punctual. They came on time. They were fully concentrated on the work

completed the job in no time. The workers were kind and polite. No doubt, I am going to choose OyeBusy for all the upcoming repairs, cleaning and installations in my house. Thank you OyeBusy.

The cost of service is fair for the amount of work done. No extra charges or unnecessary fees are made. Unlike the other services that provide a bad quality of service for high cost, OyeBusy is trustworthy and they provide a good quality of service that satisfies the customers. The washing machine cleaning service was done perfectly. I have no complaints. This shows that they provide cleaners and technicians who are well trained. Keep up the good work OyeBusy team.

I wholeheartedly appreciate OyeBusy for providing the best repairing service for washing machines. There were a number of issues with my new washing machine within six months of purchase. With a burdened heart I planned to buy a new one. Then my friend told me to try OyeBusy once. I gave it a try. I'm very happy that the technicians resolved all the issues. Now, I don't have to buy a new one and OyeBusy helped me to save money. 


OyeBusy is a Savior for all those who are stuck in their daily routine because of the breakdown of any of the appliances at our home. My washing machine did not run and I was very concerned. I informed OyeBusy about the issue. They immediately made arrangements for the service. The service was absolutely amazing. The technician had a look and a simple work resolved the issue. I am very impressed by the professionalism of the technicians. Thank You OyeBusy.

The problem in the water pump caused draining issues in my washing machine. I could not do anything manually. When I searched for the online home appliance service, I came across OyeBusy. I read the reviews given by the previous customers and they all were positive. This made me choose OyeBusy. I immediately booked the washing machine repair service. The service was really good. The quality of the work provided by the well trained technicians are very appreciative. Thanks OyeBusy.

I was in need of changing the water valve and when I contacted a local technician and informed him about the issue, it was clear that he did not know how to change it. I was in need of a professional. I came across OyeBusy through my friend and I booked the service. The technicians were professional and followed the covid protocols by wearing masks, gloves and sanitizing before entering the house. It reflected their professionalism. Altogether, a good service.


When drying my washing machine made noises and the clothes did not dry. I used to restart the machine and sometimes it would work and other times it would not. When the issue continued for weeks, I decided to go for an online repair service provided by OyeBusy. The repair was simply finished in no time. The technician was patient and gave some tips to deal with the issues. Thank you OyeBusy for the service and the well trained technicians.  

The technician had a good knowledge about the washing machine. They were trustworthy and I was sure that all the problems would be resolved by them. The technicians did a good job. They had  good communication skills, and they were kind and polite. They were patient in repairing and completed the task in a short period of time. Even while booking for the service, it was shown that the technicians were verified by providing the details of their previous services. 

OyeBusy provides a number of perks along with the best service. They provide 30-days warranty for the service and online payment is also available. The warranty was very impressive because if something goes wrong they will take care of it. This shows that they are true to their service and how genuine they are. I'm very impressed by the work provided by the team. It is very hard to find such trustworthy online services. Keep up the good work  OyeBusy.

The service was top-notch. The washing machine installation was smooth as silk. I went about and checked whether the installation was done properly and It was done perfectly. It was a first class service. This is one of the best services I have experienced. In the future, I will choose OyeBusy and will surely recommend to my friends that the service is really good and they should choose OyeBusy for installations, repair, cleaning and other services. Thank you team OyeBusy.

I should mention the technicians and their dedication to the service. The date for the service was appointed yesterday and unfortunately it was raining too heavily. But what happened next shocked me. The technician came home even during rain and repaired my washing machine. What a dedication!! I was moved by the technician and the service was also done perfectly. He was so kind and I'm so glad to find  such a fabulous technician. All credits goes to team OyeBusy.

The best service from team OyeBusy. I booked the washing machine cleaning service. Such an impressive job done by the cleaners. The washing machine was cleaned very well. The hose, washing drum, the detergent box, the dryer and the entire machine was cleaned. The corners that are usually missed by us were also cleaned very well. My washing machine looks new. I'm very satisfied with the service provided. The cost of service was fair and apt for the service done. 

OyeBusy is a must have app that everyone should have. The services they provide are what we need. They are easy to contact and the interface user is wonderfully developed for the comfort of the customers. Notifications will be updated to our contact number and it is easy to follow them. The entire procedure for booking is also simple and all you have to choose is, the service needed, the date of appointment and book the service. It's that simple. 

It is high time that we shift our attention to online services and OyeBusy is the best choice. The quality of service is fabulous and I absolutely loved it. The technicians are professionals who have knowledge about the appliances they deal with. Guys, I strongly recommend you all to download the app immediately because it will be useful for us on a daily basis. Don't worry about the cost. It is reasonable and they do not make any extra charges.


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