Reviews for Television Installation and Repair Service



Over a period of time, the LED indicator in my Sony Bravia began to flash red. The television would switch off by itself. The problem persisted and I contacted OyeBusy service and informed them about the red flash. The next day the technicians arrived and informed me that there was an error in the motherboard. The technician brought some equipment and made all the necessary repairs. Now there's no troubleshooting in tv. Thanks to the technicians for the timely service.

Even after switching on the tv, the screen remained dark. I checked the cable connection but there was no problem with it. I arranged for a local technician who repaired it but the problem once again started. Then one of my friends told me about his review on OyeBusy. I was impressed by the quality of work and booked the service. The technician was a professional who knew about the tv and this time the problems did not occur again.

The repair service by the team does a brilliant job. The entire process starting from the procedure of booking to the end of the service, everything was well performed. They are easily accessible on  online platforms and provide 30-days warranty for the service. This is one of the interesting perks that builds that trust of the customers. The cost of repair was fair and reasonable. The service was fabulous and altogether I loved the service. Thanks OyeBusy for the se



OyeBusy is one of the best services in the city.  Apart from the repairing service they also provide television installation service which is better than the other service agencies in town. I recently bought a Samsung television and I wanted a wall mount. I contacted OyeBusy and told them about the installation and they made some arrangements for a professional technician who is well versed in installing television. Honestly the service was top notch. Thanks OyeBusy for the fabulous service.

My television displayed a distorted picture for quite a while. I checked whether there were any electrical noise sources around the television but I found none. I tried to resolve it by myself but that did not help. I told about this issue to my neighbor and she told me about me busy who provide the best television repair service. I contacted them and told them about the issue. Their technicians arrived the next day and resolved the issue immediately.

Within a year of buying a new television there was a problem that concerned me a lot. The television would turn off automatically. I went through the manual that was given along with the television. I went through it and could not find the appropriate reason for the trouble. I contacted OyeBusy and the technicians and found that the sleep timer was accidentally activated. Since they were professionals they could identify the problem immediately. Thanks OyeBusy for the timely help.  

The professionalism of the technicians is one of the major features that I found in OyeBusy . The technicians had a good knowledge about the electronics and they could easily resolve any problem in any electronics. Similarly the problems in my television were resolved immediately by the professional technicians. This feature from the service agency proves that they care about the customers. The entire team is genuine and trustworthy. I am going to contact them for further repair service in future.


The cost of repairing service for television is usually high due to the complicated interior system of the television. In that way I was scared to opt for a service fearing that I would have to spend a lot of money.  Luckily, OyeBusy is one such service agency who provide a high class service for or a fair and reasonable price. After some repairs to the motherboard I was shocked to find that the cost was lower than I expected. 

More than using mobile phones I love watching TV and spending some valuable time watching my favorite movie. But later there appeared double images on the screen. I could not find the reason for the problem. I was searching Google for a solution and I came across OyeBusy. I booked the service and the technician arrived the next day. He informed me that this is called ghosting and it can be easily resolved by checking the connection of the antenna.

Thanks to the OyeBusy team for changing the picture tube in my television. I thought it was a bad idea to opt for a repair service, but I was wrong because I have found the best online service who work with professionalism and they are not like those amateurs who do not have any knowledge about the LCDs. They changed the picture tube with care and replaced the new ones in a short period of time. Hats off to OyeBusy.

OyeBusy is one of the best service agencies who are very promising and genuine to the customers. They have various perks along with their services, such as, 30 days warranty for their service, online payment is also available, the workers are highly professional who undergo rigorous training and most importantly the service is absolutely cost-friendly. They provide quality service and the technicians are amazing. I feel so lucky to be a customer of this fabulous online installation and repair service.


technicians from OyeBusy did a fabulous job. They were fully equipped and they completed the work in a short period of time. The technicians are so kind, they reach on time and perform the duty with perfection. They share a good rapport with the customers that adds to the trust of the customer. Keep up the good work. Continue to provide the best service to make our lives easier. I'll make future appointments and recommend it to my friends.

The installation service provided by OyeBusy is one of the best in the city. They are available in almost all the cities in the country. They really do an amazing job by knowing the expectations of the customers. The technicians are so kind, they reach on time and perform the duty with perfection. They share a good rapport with the customers that adds to the trust of the customer. Keep up the good work. Continue to provide the best service.

The television repair service was what I was expecting and luckily OyeBusy provided the service. The workers did their job with utmost care and safety. The television was safely handled. It is very hard to find such dedicated workers who make sure that the customers are happy with the service provided. No doubt I am giving a 5-star rating for the working performance. Now my television works better than before and I am so glad that I chose  OyeBusy Service.

I'm very happy with this television repair service. Unlike the other repairing services, they respond immediately and the entire procedure of booking the service was easier than I expected. They provide an array of sub-services and it is easy to choose the one that I want. The technicians are well trained and display their professionalism throughout the service by doing their job with a lot of care. The cost of service too is apt to the service provided. Thanks OyeBusy.

When I decided to go for a television repair service provided by OyeBusy, I had various questions in my mind. But now, the OyeBusy team have proven that they outshined in their field. My television was a new one and they made the repairs keeping in mind that they have to take good care of it. I liked the way they handled the television. This proves that they're professionals who know their job. Not everyone provides such an amazing service. 

OyeBusy Television Repairing Service provides an easy user interface system and it is easy for anyone to understand and access it. The procedure for booking is easy and the cost of service is valid as well. Unlike the online services that take advantage and cost high along with some taxes for their not so good service, OyeBusy is promising and I am glad that I found this amazing app. I am certainly going to make further bookings in the future.

One of the best choices for television repairing service. They are available in almost all the major cities and it is very easy to access them. The procedure of booking is very simple. All you have to do is to select the service you want, make an appointment and give the address.  The technicians are highly professional and perform their duty diligently. The workers strictly follow the Covid protocols for the safety of the customers and provide a top-class service.

OyeBusy television repair service provides top rated service in a short period of time. Unlike the other local technicians who work lethargically and do not make the necessary changes in the right way, the trained professional technicians provided by the OyeBusy team, work faster and provide quality service by clearing all the problems in the television. They make sure that the customers are happy with the service provided. I'm going to give them a 5-star rating for their quality service.

Not all repairing services work fairly when it comes to cost of service. Previously I have experienced unfair pricing for the television repairing service which was not even up to the mark. By and large, the expense depends on the type of issue and the repairs the technicians make. OyeBusy television repairing service provides quality service for a reasonable cost. They make sure that the cost of service does justice to the customers. Thanks OyeBusy for the best repairing service