Reviews for Packers and Movers Service


 OyeBusy is such an amazing service provider in the city. Recently I planned to shift from my hometown to Delhi. I contacted OyeBusy for moving the furniture and home  appliances. They immediately made arrangements and they sent the truck that was apt for the number of things to be shifted. The team were cautious and careful in shifting the appliances. They did an amazing job and the service was really impressive. Thank you very much OyeBusy for the fantastic service.

At first I was scared to go for packer and movers service because I doubted the integrity of the service and how they would handle the glass furniture. Impressively, OyeBusy did a fabulous job. They carefully shifted the glass furniture from the fourth floor to the vehicle and throughout the service they were cautious and took good care of the furniture. The things were perfectly packed and there were no damages to furniture or appliances. Keep up the good work.

Choosing OyeBusy was the best decision I have ever made. They are available in all the cities and they are fast and reliable. The cost of service was reasonable and fair and there were no extra hidden charges. The service was impressively their professionalism and their concern towards the belonging of the customer. It's very hard to find such dedicated service providers in the city. I'm giving a 5-star rating for the service and the fabulous team for their dedication.


I have to mention the team work by packers and movers service from OyeBusy. They have a good team spirit and perform smart work. I was impressed by their team work. They had a look at the number of furniture and their types. Based on that, they separated themselves into teams and started their work. The smart work led them to complete the work within a few hours. Such a professional service from the most trusted team. Thank you OyeBusy.

I was in need of a packers and movers service as I was shifting from Chennai to Bangalore. I did not have many things to shift, so I did not have an idea to choose a packers and movers service. Then one of my friends told me about OyeBusy, which fixes reasonable prices for the service and the cost of service is based on the number of things to be shifted. It is true and the service was also good. 

The workers from OyeBusy are very punctual. I booked for the packers  and movers service. A team of workers arrived in time without any delay. They shifted things carefully and they completed the work in a few hours. I was stunned by their smart work and professionalism. They had a truck that had the capacity to hold all the things. It was a well planned service. I'm so satisfied with the service. Thank you very much OyeBusy for the service. 

OyeBusy is the best in everything they do. I have booked various services and I am proud to be a regular customer of OyeBusy. Recently, I shifted from my hometown to Ahmedabad and I booked the packers and movers service provided by OyeBusy. Hats off to the entire team for their professionalism in their work and the punctuality of the workers. They arrived at the right time and completed the work in a short notice. Very impressed by their service.


The packers and movers service provided by OyeBusy is the best. I booked the service a week before shifting to Mumbai. The team did an impressive job by neatly packing my belongings making sure that no damage is caused. They also made a list of things that are packed on the box so that it will be easy for me to understand what is packed in which boxes. No doubt, I'm going to choose OyeBusy for further services in future.

From my past experience with a particular packers and movers service provided by some local service agency, I was not willing to go for the same choice. Then one of my cousins told me about OyeBusy and their quality of service. Having received positive feedback from my cousin, I booked the service and guess what!! It was the best decision. OyeBusy provides a quality service where the belongings were taken care of and neatly packed and moved without any damage.

I live in an apartment on the fifth floor and  moving my belongings to my new apartment was really challenging because it is hard to shift all the way from the fifth floor. But the packers and movers service from OyeBusy shifted all my belongings effortlessly. The main reason was their teamwork and professionalism. They carefully moved the things and it showed that they cared for their customers. My sincere thanks to team OyeBusy for their fabulous service and support.

OyeBusy has an amazing communication system. The customer care service is available 24/7 and they readily help us. Unlike the other services in town who don't respond well and show poor professionalism, OyeBusy remains loyal to their customers. After booking the service, they immediately made a call and asked some questions. I have to mention about the workers who came early and completed the work in a short period of time. Thanks OyeBusy for your care for the customers.


The cost of service from OyeBusy bus is very reasonable. Unlike the other service agencies who loot money from their customers, OyeBusy is loyal to the customers. For the packers and movers service, the cost was fair and the quality of service was good. I strongly recommend the service from OyeBusy to all who are planning to shift to other towns or cities. I'm sure that you guys will be satisfied at the end of the day, just as I was.

Shifting things from one place to another is not an easy task and it is hard to find the best packers and movers service in town who can be trusted. In that case, I am glad that I found OyeBusy. I read the previous reviews and I was sure that I had to choose them because all the reviews were positive. Just like those reviews, the service was top-notch and all my things were safely shifted. Thank you team OyeBusy

I have to mention the quality of service provided by OyeBusy. They are very impressive. I booked the packers and movers service. The way they packed all my belongings, from small to large appliances looked neat and perfect. They aren't some bunch of amateurs but professionals who have a good knowledge about the work. I was awestruck by the team and their coordination. They make sure that the work is done perfectly. This is the best service by far now.

OyeBusy is the best service agency in Delhi. They are always the best and once again they proved that they can be trusted in any kind of service through their fabulous performance in shifting my belongings to my new apartment. I am so thankful to the entire team of OyeBusy because they took  good care of my belongings, neatly packed them all and safely arranged them in my new apartment. Thank you very much, team OyeBusy for the impressive service.

One of the best things about OyeBusy is that they care for their customers. There are certain "so-called" professional services who do not bother about the customer. But OyeBusy has won our hearts. The workers are very kind and polite. They make sure that the customers are happy with the service and their genuine kindness makes the customers choose them over and over again for other services. They are so loyal and I am glad that I chose OyeBusy service.  

OyeBusy is the best service agency I have ever seen. Particularly, I have to mention the workers who are very careful in their work and pay close attention to what is happening around them. They are not lethargic and careless but perform outstandingly. All my belongings were well packed and though the roads were in bad condition, my things were safely moved to my new house. I am pretty sure that anyone who chooses OyeBusy will have a great day. 

I have a number of authentic collections of antique paintings and busts in my house. When I decided to shift to my new apartment in Bengaluru, I had no idea how to find trustworthy packers and movers service who would not cause any damage to my belongings. Then one of my friends told me about OyeBusy and how they worked professionally and carefully in shifting his belongings. Just as my friend told me they carefully shifted all my antique collections. 

OyeBusy has been winning hearts through their amazing service. I have previously booked various services and I was glad that once again I had the chance to book for the packers and movers service. As usual the team did an outstanding job by carefully packing my belongings made of glass. After shifting it to my new house, I went through all my belongings and surprisingly there were no damages found. Thank you very much team OyeBusy for the lovely service.

OyeBusy not only provides the best services they also provide various perks that are very interesting and fascinating. One of my favorites is that they provide a 30-day warranty to the service. If there has been any damage, they will take care of it. This gesture shows their honesty and their care towards their customers. They are amazing and absolutely loved the packers and movers service that I booked recently. OyeBusy never forgets to put a smile on their customers.