Reviews for Microwave Repairing Service


 OyeBusy provides the best microwave repair service. There was constant troubleshooting in the microwave and the food did not get heated. I contacted OyeBusy and booked the service. The next day, the technicians arrived at the appointed time. As the technician was well-trained he was able to complete the repairs in a short period of time. As a customer, I expected good service and I did receive it from OyeBusy. Thank you very much  team OyeBusy for the fabulous service. 

The buttons in the microwave worned out due to continuous usage and it hampered the function of the microwave. It was left unused for months because I could not find a genuine repairing service. Then one of my friends told me about OyeBusy who provide the best microwave repairing service in Delhi. I immediately booked the service and the technician changed the buttons and formed a new circuit for the optimal performance of the microwave. Kudos to the entire team.

Within eight months of buying a new microwave, there were certain issues with it. The plate inside the microwave did not spin and this resulted in the poor performance. Then one day I came across OyeBusy who provide microwave repair service. The procedure for booking the service was easy and above all the service was really good. The technicians repaired the microwave effortlessly. This shows how professional the technicians are in repairing the appliance. Thanks to the entire team OyeBusy


I have to mention about the cost of service provided by OyeBusy It is cheaper than I thought. I expected that the cost to be high because it is a reputed service agency. But impressively the cost of service is cheap and reasonable at the same time. The cost is proportional to the quality of service. They do not have any hidden taxes and are genuine in pricing the service. This enables everyone to opt for OyeBusy over other services. 

My microwave had various issues and the one that troubled me constantly was that the microwave would stop functioning in the middle. At first I thought it was due to low voltage but the trouble continued and eventually completely stopped working. While searching for the microwave repairing service, In and across OyeBusy and I immediately booked the repairing service. The well-trained technicians made the necessary repairs and now the microwave gives it's optimum performance. My heart thanks to team OyeBusy.

The light bulb did not glow in the microwave and it glitched for a while. I tried to do some repairs manually but ended up in vain. Then my neighbor told me about OyeBusy microwave repair service who are the best service agencies in Noida. I had a hope that OyeBusy would resolve the issue and booked the service. Surprisingly, the service was at its best and the problem was resolved within a few minutes. The cost was reasonable too.


There was a problem with the magnetron in the microwave and I planned to buy a new one hoping that the old one would be of no use. Then my friend told me to try OyeBusy microwave repair service once before getting rid of the old microwave. Following my friend's advice, I booked the service and I was stunned. The technician found what was wrong and he made all the necessary repairs and now my microwave works better than before. 

One my favorite aspects of OyeBusy is that they provide professional technicians who are well defined and  well experienced in their field. This enabled me to trust them without any doubt. Just as I expected the service was really good and the microwave was repaired without any damage. They are trustworthy and give their best to the customers.  I am sure that I will choose OyeBusy for further services in future for their quality of service and well trained technicians.

An amazing online service that provides quality service with trained professionals. The microwave repair service provided by them was absolutely marvelous and I have never seen anyone who could put so much effort to help us in repairing the microwave. The workers strictly followed the covid regulations and they mandatorily took the covid test prior to the service. They showed us the legal proof as well. The workers are promising and each of them is professional in their own field.

The OyeBusy online Service provides an easy user interface and it is easy for anyone to access it. The procedure for booking is easy and  the cost of service is valid as well. Unlike the online services that take advantage and cost high for their not so good service, OyeBusy is promising and the cost is valid for the service provided. I am glad that I found this amazing app. I am  certainly going to make bookings in the future.


Choosing OyeBusy is one of the best decisions I have ever taken. My friends have shared their horrible experiences from microwave repairing service where the appliance was damaged due to poor quality of service. But OyeBusy is different from the rest of the other repairing services available. The technicians are professionals who have a good knowledge about their role and the job. The quality of the service was good and no damage was done. Happy to find a trustworthy service.

If anyone is looking for the best microwave repairing service, without any second thoughts, I recommend OyeBusy repairing service because they are simply amazing. The technicians are professionals who perform their job with perfection. Perfection in repairing and handling the appliances. I am so impressed by their quality of work. The entire service was as smooth as silk and everything went on perfectly.  No doubt, I am giving a 5-star rating for the service and the technicians. Thank you OyeBusy.

Amazing service by OyeBusy. I booked a microwave repairing service and absolutely loved it. The technicians arrived at the right time and they had a good knowledge about the appliance and how to repair them in the right way. They are not mere amateurs but professionals just as they are mentioned while booking. Thank you very much OyeBusy for the service and fabulous technicians.. I'm going to choose OyeBusy for the other services in the future. They are the best. 

The microwave repairing technicians from OyeBusy are experts who can repair any kind of microwaves. I came to know about this through my friend who also recently booked for the microwave repairing service. Through her, I came to know how professionally the technician made the necessary repairs on the microwave. Undoubtedly, OyeBusy is winning hearts through their best service. All the credit goes to the OyeBusy team for arranging such professionals for repairing service and they absolutely gain our trust.

Along with the microwave repairing service, OyeBusy also provides a microwave cleaning service. At first, I was scared to go for the service but I followed my guts and booked the service. After the service was completed, I realized that I had made the best decision by choosing OyeBusy services. Thanks to the technicians who were very kind and down to earth. They were friendly to the customers. Everyone must choose OyeBusy service at least once to experience the best. 

The best feature about OyeBusy microwave repairing service is that they provide a 30-day warranty for the service. I booked for the microwave repairing service and the technicians did an amazing job. But after a few days, there ap


peared some sparks inside the microwave. I immediately informed them. Surprisingly, the technicians returned immediately after I informed them and they made the necessary repairs. I am impressed that they kept their word. This reflects that they are trustworthy and very genuine.

One of the major issues in the microwave that caught my nerves is that the microwave would work but the food wouldn't get heated. I tried to tap on the top of the microwave and tried plugging in and out, but nothing worked out. At last I gave up trying to repair it by myself and contacted and booked the service. The technicians reached immediately and checked on the appliance, explained the problems and resolved it within a few minutes. 

When my microwave stopped working, I really needed a helping hand because they helped me a lot during the lockdown. Thank God I found OyeBusy microwave repairing service. The entire team did an amazing job by repairing  the microwave and they also cleaned it. How generous!!  Now, my microwave works better than before. All credits to OyeBusy for their fabulous service. Thank you very much OyeBusy for your timely help and the well trained technicians who provide the best service.

Living  in a cold area, I always expect to have my food hot for a delightful meal but after my microwave got repaired I couldn't have a good meal. I searched for various repairing services but they were not available in Ghaziabad. The only one who was available was OyeBusy. They were my only hope. As expected, the technicians made the necessary repairs and I got my microwave back. Thanks to OyeBusy for the timely help. They are the best. 

I wholeheartedly appreciate the punctuality of the technicians. They reach on time which is an important factor in online service. The technicians are well trained and I'm satisfied by the fact that I chose the best online service which is promising. They also handle the appliance with care. Unlike the local technicians they are absolute professionals. Thanks OyeBusy for the best service. I'm sure that I'll contact them in the future if any issues arise in any of the appliances.