Reviews for Kitchen Cleaning Service


 My kitchen has always been a mess and cleaning it completely became so tring after the lockdown. It was hard to schedule time for cleaning the kitchen. I really needed a helping hand and thank God I found OyeBusy cleaning service. The entire team did an amazing job by cleaning the entire kitchen including the appliances. Now, my kitchen looks better than before. All credits to OyeBusy for their fabulous service. Thank you very much OyeBusy for your timely help.

OyeBusy provides the best kitchen cleaning service in Delhi for low cost. The cleaning was done perfectly without any carelessness. The cleaners cleaned the appliances with care and no damage was done. My kitchen looked clean and new. The cost of service is apt for the work done. I'm so glad that I found such a fabulous cleaning service in town. Unlike the other local cleaners they do not ask for extra charges. Keep up the good work team OyeBusy.

Initially, I was scared to go for a cleaning service because my kitchen had a lot of glass work and glass utensils. If something breaks, I will be unable to withstand it.  My friend  recommended me to choose OyeBusy. Surprisingly, they did an amazing job by cleaning the glass utensils carefully without any damage. Later, I did a thorough check and there was no damage. I recommend OyeBusy kitchen cleaning service to those who are looking for a better one.


For a while I hated going to my kitchen because it looked nasty and all the appliances were greasy. Being a working woman, it was hard for me to set aside some time to clean the kitchen. That was when, OyeBusy kitchen cleaning service came to my rescue. The cleaners cleaned the greasy appliances completely without any marks or stains. The floors were brushed and mopped. The stubborn stains were completely removed and now my kitchen looks fabulous. Thanks OyeBusy.

If anyone is looking for the best kitchen cleaning service, without any second thoughts, I recommend OyeBusy cleaning service because they are simply amazing. The cleaners are professionals who perform their job with perfection. Perfection in cleaning and handling the appliances. I am so impressed by their quality of work. The entire service was as smooth as silk and everything went on perfectly.  No doubt, I am giving a 5-star rating for the service and the cleaners. Thank you OyeBusy.

Since I live in a cold area, my kitchen looks bad due to the fungus that grows on the walls. I tried to clean it by myself but they would always come again. I contacted OyeBusy and booked an appointment for a  kitchen cleaning service. I have to admit that this is one of the best cleaning services I have experienced. The cleaners did an amazing job by  deep cleaning the walls and the slabs. Highly recommending OyeBusy to everyone. 

My stove top looked bad and it had some stains that were hard to remove. I could not find the right cleaning materials. Then my sister from Gurgaon recommended me to try the kitchen cleaning service provided by OyeBusy. I gave it a try. I'm so satisfied with the service. The cleaner used the right cleaning agents to remove the tough stains. They did a deep cleaning in the stove by cleaning the sides and the edges in the burner. 

Amazing service by OyeBusy. I booked a kitchen cleaning service and absolutely loved it. The cleaners arrived at the right time. The cleaners had a good knowledge about the appliances and how to clean them in the right way. They are not mere amateurs but professionals just as they are mentioned while booking. Thank you very much OyeBusy for the service and fabulous cleaners.. I'm going to choose OyeBusy for the other services in the future. They are the best. 

OyeBusy is one of the must have applications because they provide the services that we all need in our house. The quality of the service is fantastic. I booked for the kitchen cleaning service. The cleaners did a good job by deep cleaning the kitchen. Tha appliances were properly cleaned without any marks. The grease was completely removed. Honestly, it is very hard to find such a quality service in town. Everyone must try OyeBusy once to experience the best.

The best feature about OyeBusy kitchen cleaning service is that they provide a 30-day warranty for the service. I booked for the kitchen cleaning service and the cleaners did an amazing job. But there were some marks left behind on the surface of the oven and the fridge. I immediately informed them. Surprisingly, the cleaners returned immediately after I informed  them and they cleaned it properly. I am impressed that they kept their word. This reflects that they are trustworthy.

OyeBusy provides the best kitchen cleaning service in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. The team did an amazing job by providing the best cleaners. They are cautious and handle the appliances with care. I was so happy that there was no damage. The glass top stove was cleaned without any damage or scratches. The appliances were cleaned both externally and internally. The greased exhaustion fan was completely cleaned. My kitchen looks clean and thanks to OyeBusy for the service.

The small pipe connecting the gas stove and the cylinder looked awful due to the oil and there were layers of tough stains on it. I tried to clean it manually but I could not remove it. They were so stubborn. Then I decided to go for OyeBusy kitchen cleaning service. I was amazed by the effort taken by the cleaners to remove the tough stains and they successfully removed those layers of tough stains. Thank you so much OyeBusy.

OyeBusy is an amazing application that has a very good user interface system. The application is easy to use and making an appointment is much easier. The entire procedure is very simple. All you have to do is to choose the service, date and address. It is very handy. Everyone should try OyeBusy because the service is top class and the cleaners did an amazing job. It is highly recommended to those who are looking for the best cleaning service.


The quality of service provided by OyeBusy is very appreciative for their commitment to the job. The cleaners have good communication skills. They are kind and polite. They are very careful in handling the appliances. Not even a spot was left behind, all the corners and edges were cleaned completely. They are truly amazing and I'm sure that I will contact OyeBusy for kitchen cleaning service in the future. They are the best in the town. Thank you team OyeBusy.

The best kitchen cleaning service should be awarded to OyeBusy because the quality of service, the professionalism of the cleaners and the cost of service and everything about them is top notch. They are such an amazing team who care about the well-being of the customers and they are careful in cleaning the kitchen appliances. After the service, I did a thorough check on the appliances and they were cleaned perfectly. I personally recommend OyeBusy for the quality of service.

The cleaners from OyeBusy are truly amazing and dedicated to the work. I asked them to brush the tiles on the walls and to clean and mop the floor. I knew that cleaning the tiles on the wall was not an easy task because the dirt was caught up on the edges and was hard to clean. But the cleaners gave their best and used the right cleaning agents to remove the dirt. Thanking the team wholeheartedly for their effort. 

Lovely experience with OyeBusy. The cleaners arrived at the appointed time. They cleaned all the nook and corners and no places were left behind. The floor was neatly mopped and the tough oil stains were completely cleaned. Appreciative and very impressive. The cleaners are kind and patient. Focused on their job without any distraction. No extra charges were asked. Thank you very much OyeBusy for the fantastic service. I hope that this review will help others in choosing OyeBusy services. 

Choosing OyeBusy is one of the best decisions I have ever taken. My friends have shared their horrible experiences from kitchen cleaning service where the appliances were damaged and the poor quality of service. But OyeBusy is different from the rest of the other cleaning services available. The cleaners are professionals who have a good knowledge about their role and the job. The quality of the service was good and no damage was done. Happy to find a trustworthy service.


OyeBusy is the best in everything. I have already booked various services and they did an amazing job. Recently, my aunt paid a visit and I had to clean my kitchen. Luckily I booked the service and the cleaners arrived on time. As always I'm very satisfied with the service. I am so proud to be a regular customer of OyeBusy because they are amazing and genuinely care for the customer. It is hard to find such a cleaning service. 

My wife and I run a small catering service at our home and after every order our kitchen will be a total mess. It is hard to clean by ourselves after a heavy load of work. One of our customers told us to try OyeBusy cleaning service and promised that we will love the service. We did book the service and surprisingly, the cleaners did an amazing job. The entire kitchen and the appliances were cleaned thoroughly. Loved the service.